Personalised HR™

Imagine enjoying the recruiting and job hunting process...


You are not alone in your dread of having to fill a new role or find a new job.


As the approachable professional, our team's Personalised HR approach to 'search & selection' and focus on corporate culture fit is truly a breathe of fresh air within a highly competitive industry where a great deal of rhetoric is employed, yet often not reflected in the final outcome leaving you to wonder how some recruiters can justify their fee. Well, let me say upfront that we certainly earn our keep and focus on both service and results as an integral part of our value proposition.


We are a blend of both Headhunter and Recruiter as we primarily seek out passive candidates in those areas of our specialities. It is certainly true we go that extra mile for you in many ways that truly sets us well apart from the majority of other recruitment firms.


Each member of the Admiral's team has enjoyed enviable commercial success working within large corporations and 'small to medium size enterprises' (SME), both nationally and internationally, either in an executive role or as a business consultant. It has been through this first hand experience gained from the other side of the desk that has provided us with unique insights into the very real needs of both our clients and candidates, having been employed in many of these executive roles ourselves.


It has been our first-hand exposure on the receiving end of recruitment that has greatly contributed to our unique capabilities to source, identify and secure the right candidate for the right role, ensuring that the corporate culture fit is consistently achieved.


If you would like to learn precisely what our Personalised HR approach encompasses we invite you to contact us so we may share our recruitment methods proven to consistently Reveal Top Talent™.

I am proud to have built a company that embodies the pioneering spirit and courageous streak of my late grandfather, Leonard Admiral, who first sailed into Sydney Harbour on a Tall Ship to start a new life here in Australia... Ken Boots, Founder & Director

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Ken Boots