Employer Marketing

We help businesses establish and manage their own uniquely compelling 'employer brand'.


A successfully run Employer Marketing program effectively promotes those appealing aspects of an employers corporate culture and image. The employers key message/s are then conveyed both internally and externally in a strategic and controlled manner.


The Admirals Personalised HR approach supports the need for mid to large size companies to successfully attract and retain top talent. A committed focus on 'Employer Marketing' within progressive firms reflects a rapidly growing, profitable and productive trend to consistently achieve both cost effective and highly productive recruitment outcomes.


 Global Employer Marketing


Astute employers readily see the financial and strategic benefits by enhancing their corporate appeal and developing an enticing work culture, to attract the ideal corporate culture fit candidates.


While our endorsement of 'Employer Marketing' may be seen by some as illogical for a recruitment firm, the Admiral readily endorses the many benefits for our clients as we consider that effective employer branding genuinely supports the overall hiring process. We find progressive Hiring Managers continue to work hand-in-hand with highly skilled recruiters to source candidates for those 'hard-to-fill' specialized roles while their own employer marketing campaign effectively supports the filling of other more routine roles.


This collaborative approach supports the role of those talented recruiters capable of sourcing elite candidates, while Hiring Managers may then allocate more time, internal resources and focus on attracting a higher calibre of candidate to fulfill other regular roles that are more easily sourced using traditional cost-effective recruitment methods of their own.  


Admiral Solutions® is aligned with a highly recognised global recruitment communications agency to deliver a comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of 'Employer Marketing'.


Should you wish to learn more about this highly respected industry leader within the specialized field of 'Employer Marketing' we invite you to contact us. The Admiral's team looks forward to sharing helpful insights and provide you with direct contact details so you may then choose to arrange an obligation free assessment of your HR business needs.


Disclaimer: This recommended 'Employer Marketing' company is in no way affiliated with Admiral Solutions and we receive no monetary gain from our recommendation, we only provide this guidance and support as a value-add service to our clients.