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Resume writing is a specialized field; generally speaking, neither recruiters, nor candidates, are sufficiently skilled to craft an ideal resume. Skilled resume writing specialists can help candidates secure a job interview.


It is often the use of appropriate verbiage, correct action words, relevant keywords, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly layout, and engaging content, that truly determines whether your resume will hit the mark.


Of course a resume is simply the "door opener" as your suitability for the role, relevant work experience, core competencies, educational qualifications and corporate culture fit must also be a match to truly stand any real chance of securing a job. While you can possess all these right traits in person you may not secure an interview simply because your resume has not been crafted in a way that will capture the employers attention.


A respected and experienced resume writer can significantly increase your odds of making it onto interview short-lists by crafting a winning first impression.

Professional resume writers generally consider the following when preparing a resume...

  • Includes and excludes the right information
  • Expresses your achievements and expertise in the most compelling way
  • Aligns your resume with employer expectations and preferences
  • Positions you as a valuable asset
  • Presents your career path and history in the best possible light
  • Makes your resume worth reading
  • Makes your resume easy to understand
  • Ensures your resume is visually appealing
  • Organises your experience & achievements in the most effective way
  • Explains how you have implemented valuable new ideas
  • Maximises the value of limited experience
  • Effectively highlights your key achievements
  • Ensures it remains concise (2-3 page maximum)
  • Matches your resume to the employers needs
  • Connects with the audience
  • Captures the right attention within 7 seconds of reading

Above all, careful thought must always be given to style, approach, tone, language, clarity, detail, information selection, design and formatting.


Once you have scored a successful interview, then imagine the Admiral's team taking you through each step of the way from defining the role and assessing the business culture to helping you with negotiation of final offer, and beyond. We are not just focused on placing you into a role today and then forgetting about you tomorrow.

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