Video Interviewing - Best Practices

The Admiral has compiled some handy tips on how to best prepare for your video interview to land your dream job. We hope you find these helpful and will contribute to your success.


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Our Personalised HR™ Video Interviewing...


As technology continues to advance at a phenomenal rate, far more companies are embracing video conferencing. The Admiral has employed leading edge video interview technology which embraces a truly personalised touch.


You may easily participate in a video interview from a convenient location of your choice, in comfortable surroundings, at a time that best fits into your hectic schedule.


All major web browsers are supported: Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox; plus the convenience of conducting an interview via an Apple iPad.

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  • Creating a Video-Friendly Environment:

    It is essential to have everything in place before you begin. The last thing you want is to have technical difficulties when you’re being interviewed; it is vital to ensure your microphone, webcam and sound settings are all in top working order. Test the sound and reduce or increase the volume accordingly. 


    Consider calling upon a friend to perform a sound test and help you practise with a role-play of the interview to obtain valuable feedback on how you present yourself. 


    If you have a tendency to speak fast when nervous then it is important to stay focused on how you speak to ensure the recording is clearly understood. 


    Ensure any potential distractions are eliminated or minimized so the focus remains on you, not what may be going on in your background. 

    Follow these simple guidelines and you will have created an ideal recording space in little time.

    • ✔ Position your webcam so when you sit, it is directly at eye-level
    • ✔ Check your equipment and be sure to test your sound level on your computer.
    • ✔ Establish how you should adjust your lighting as proper lighting is essential for good video quality.
      • • A simple desk lamp can be used as your main light source.
        • The main light source should be the brightest in the room.
        • Don’t position yourself in front of open windows or other distracting background light.
        • Turn on any available lights in the room, close all windows.
        • Check to make sure there is no glare on your monitor.
        • Never use your monitor as your light source.
    • ✔ Be mindful of your background
      • • Position yourself in front of a wall with neutral colors; avoid patterns, wallpaper, and mirrors.
        • De-cluttering your space is vital as you do not want anything to divert your attention.
        • Make sure you are the only person in the room, move all the junk away from your desk.
        • Make sure to keep the background simple and uncluttered as well.
        • It is important to set up the camera so that it focuses centrally on your head and shoulders.
        • Keep the microphone near you so that you can easily be understood.
        • Remember to not move papers near the microphone as these sounds will become intensified.
        • Try to anticipate and cut out any distracting background noises, e.g. traffic, clocks ticking, etc. 
        • Remember to switch your phone onto silent.
        • Close any computer applications that may make sounds.
        Clean your recording area as a tidy workspace conveys professionalism to your future employer.
        Turn off all appliances or devices that may create ambient noise.
    • ✔ Your recording space should be quiet and comfortable.
      • • Allot yourself ample time to answer each question; 1 hour in total should be sufficient.
        • Eliminate all possible distractions and interruptions.
        • If at home, make sure people within the house know you are taking an interview.
        • Turn off your cell phone. 

We hope you found these tips provided a solid platform to undertake your video interview with the Admiral.


If you would like more information on how to perform well in any interview, including face to face interviews, please feel free to reach out to any of our skilled talent sourcers. It would be our great pleasure to provide advice on how to research a role, how to present yourself, what types of questions to ask to demonstrate you have real insight into both the role and their business, plus a great deal more!