Corporate Culture Fit


Imagine enjoying a work environment where everyone works together in harmony to achieve the most awesome results and personal satisfaction?


Cultural Fit
"One of the key components to our Personalised HR™ approach is to deliver the right candidate for the right role into the right company. However, in our opinion, based on a great many years of successful outcomes, it is equally, if not even more important, to achieve the right culture fit"


Quite simply, it is not enough to simply Reveal Top Talent™, it is equally important to ensure they are the right fit for the culture of the organisation. 


The Admiral's Personalised HR™ approach reveals and underscores the vital importance of matching the right qualities and personality fit between an organisation and an individual. This approach to recruitment goes a long way towards a far more satisfying and productive long-term marriage between the employer and the employee and delivers true gems that stick.


You will certainly gain great insight into the value of integrating 'corporate culture fit' into the 'search and selection' criteria by reading the following observations about the critical factors that comprise corporate culture...


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  • Business Mission and Vision

    it is important to most people that they feel connected within their work environment; one critical way is to make sure that 'everyone' within an organisation has a crystal clear idea about not only what makes the business tick but more importantly exactly how and when it will evolve.

    As a boss you should be sure to keep your team fully informed as to the direction of the business and then consistently encourage them to let you know how they think they are contributing to these shared values.

    During the recruitment process it is worthwhile to ask potential candidates how and why they feel they fit within your business plans.